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Top Linked In Profile IT skills

Having spent some recent days helping colleagues with Linked In lately I took the time to review some of the lesser used features in Linked In.

Linked In Skills is one area that seems to have been overlooked by many people. Launched 9 months ago it is likely to come to the fore for those in the recruiting business seeking to filter out candidates early on with the right type of skills.

Whilst skills like ‘consulting’ and ‘presentation skills’ are featured, they’re not much use and not very focused. What are useful are more specific IT and marketing related skills. In addition, Linked In helps by showing what the year on year growth is in the profiles featuring these skills, giving a good indication of the popularity of each individual skill.

Below are the top growing IT related skills featured in Cloud, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Office 365 is still too low to feature, but expect fast growth in line with Windows Azure.

It’s interesting to see Salesforce.com in decline and perhaps surprising that Google related skills are growing so fast in Digital Marketing.

There are no real surprises in Social Media, but in the Microsoft technology space it’s interesting that SharePoint is growing well, followed by their CRM and Dynamics products

Cloud Technologies Growth
Windows Azure 40%
Cloud Computing 37%
PaaS 35%
Amazon Web Services 34%
Excel Services 12%
SaaS 9%
eCRM 6%
Hosted Solutions 6%
Google docs 6%
Salesforce.com -1%
Digital Marketing Growth
Google website optimiser 35%
Google webmaster tools 26%
Digital Marketing 24%
SEO 18%
Enterprise Collaboration 17%
Google Adwords 14%
Online marketing 13%
SEM 10%
Web Development 4%
Web Content Management 3%
Social Media Growth
Twitter 64%
Social Media 47%
Social media marketing 43%
Linked In 41%
Bing! 41%
YouTube 34%
Social Networking Sites 29%
Skype 15%
email marketing 8%
Text messaging 7%
Microsoft Technologies Growth
SharePoint 8%
Microsoft CRM 6%
Microsoft Dynamics 1%
.NET -4%
SQL -6%
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