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Office 365 versus Google docs

Providing Office 365 services to small and medium organisations

While both Office 365 and Google Apps offer similar features and functionality, the two cloud based applications are quite different. While they both make it easier for staff to communicate with one another and share documents, they vary widely in terms of the types of businesses they are suited to.

Office 365 is an enterprise proven solution and Google Apps falls short when it comes to offering different levels of security, compliance and support.

Some of the major differences between them include the following:

1) If you are seeking to get started, Office 365 is easier because it provides options as well as resources that are quite clear and task oriented. The difference is that in order for you to sign up for Google Apps for Business you require domain-ownership verification. This requirement therefore assumes that your company has an existing website and also that you work with the site administrator. This makes Office 365 easier to use when getting started.

2) With Office 365, it is possible to edit your documents offline as Word, PowerPoint and Excel require a separate subscription. However, you will realise that Google Apps are not usable offline. What this means is that with Office 365, if you have Microsoft office installed on your computer, you can work on your documents offline. However, with Google Apps, you can only edit documents and spreadsheets through your browser.

3) Office 365 makes use of familiar interfaces while Google Apps does not integrate other Microsoft apps or documents. With the Google option, you literally have to import most Microsoft office documents in addition to auto-saving them. This makes it rather difficult to use.

Microsoft’s cloud option gives businesses the opportunity to move to the cloud in their own time and on their terms, while Google does not. Google’s option is online only.

Since many organisations make use of Microsoft Office, Office 365 presents the best option since it makes use of tools that you are already familiar with. However, both options have made it possible for small companies to access tools that would otherwise have been out of reach to them because of the cost involved.

To sign up for a trial of Microsoft Office 365 go to http://www.my-office-365.com

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